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What is

Estrogen Free®?


Breast cancer has risen 210 percent since 1970. Eighty percent of all breast cancers are estrogen-driven. Estrogen does not cause cancer -- estrogen “feeds” most cancers. The rise in breast cancer correlates to the onset of estrogen therapies prescribed for women. In 1940, when the first synthetic estrogen pill was released to the public, breast cancer affected 1 in 20 women.


It has become socially acceptable and popular to eat plant estrogens: soy, flax, sesame, hummus, etc. Even though their estrogen levels are weak, they’re still a hormone - estrogen. These popular health fads are not only increasing weight gain, accelerating aging and hair loss, but are creating or increasing the number of more serious issues: breast cancer, infertility, fibrocystic breasts, PMS, and symptoms of menopause. These effects are affecting the entire family – low  testosterone in men, early menarche (normal first period age is 14-16) and hormonal disorders in children.  Reduce your risk by removing all estrogens from your diet and lifestyle. The warning signs are there, it's our responsibility to heed them.

The warning signs are there, it's our responsibility to heed them.


Today we women are caught up in a battle for our breasts and our lives. Every year more of us fall victim to breast cancer while America leads the way with one of the highest occurrences of cancers. It is time to take up arms and expose the deceptions of breast health. The propaganda of "staying young" with bio-identical estrogen, flax and soy-based products are literally killing women. If these types of estrogen are truly "healthy," why are breast cancer numbers rising, even amongst men? It is socially challenging to argue that excess estrogen is harmful, but the truth is scary. Join the revolution. Arm yourself with knowledge, with knowledge comes power and with power, victory is attainable.

Have you noticed the rising trend in testosterone deficiency and male breast cancer? Did you know the American Cancer Society has noted a 0.9 percent rise in male breast cancer from 1975-2006 and "the reasons for this increase are unknown (not attributed to detection)." More shocking: Male gland size has decreased in size by a third since the early 1900s. Along with rising sterility and testicular cancer you should be questioning what is causing these detrimental increases in men's health. 


The thermographic research and evidence provided in this website and the book, Breast Cancer Boot Camp - Dr. Hobbins's Thermography Research, exposes the reason - estrogen! Men are being exposed to estrogen products now, more than ever. The symptoms of low testosterone are low libido, increased body fat, loss of muscle, reduced strength, decreased bone density, tender breasts, hot flashes, less energy, changes in sleep patterns, depression, emotional changes such as decrease in motivation or self-confidence or concentration/memory,  The key is education. Want to be a burly man as nature intended? Stop using and consuming estrogen. Be estrogen free. 


And start living healthy TODAY

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