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The Estrogen Free®  Lifestyle

The Estrogen Free® Lifestyle
for the Estrogen Dominant Family
Transform your life. Reduce estrogen dominance, breast cancer risk and find hormone balance.
Be Estrogen Free®

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Become Estrogen free®

Lose weight while decreasing risk of breast cancer. Both due to ESTROGEN.

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All treatment protocols and information supplied in this website come from years of thermographic research, studies and clinical experience provided by William B. Hobbins M.D., and Wendy Sellens, DAOM. For more information please refer to our seven  groundbreaking books including, The Breast Thermography Revolution - Boot Camp for an Estrogen Free® Life




Rely on medical evidence, not medical rumors and misinformation. 


Breast cancer has risen 210 percent since 1970. Eighty percent of all breast cancers are estrogen driven. Estrogen does not cause cancer - estrogen “feeds” most cancers. The rise in breast cancer correlates to the onset of estrogen therapies prescribed for women.  Reduce your risk by removing all estrogens from your diet and lifestyle.


Reduce excess estrogen and become hormonally balanced. Excess estrogen increases breast and uterine cancer risk, accelerates aging, and promotes weight gain, infertility, irritability, insomnia, PMS, and symptoms of menopause.


Avoid all forms of estrogen - the following lists of estrogens supplied from thermographic studies and clincal research


Avoid Synthetic Estrogens

Hormone replacement therapy (HRTs)

Birth Control Pills (BCPs)

IUD with hormones

Estrogen injections

Estrogen patches

Estrogen vaginal rings

Estrogen vaginal creams


Avoid phytoestrogens (plant estrogens)


Bio-identical means similar in chemical or molecular structure, it does not mean “natural.”  That means HRTs and BCPs are also bio-identical! This is a new, trendy term that fools women into believing that this is a safe estrogen. Currently, there are no major studies being conducted on bio-identicals; you, ladies, are the lab rats. Look at the thermographic evidence and see the harmful results. Phytoestrogens are weak as compared to synthetic estrogens, but are bio-identical and therefore stimulate estrogen receptors increasing hormonal imbalance, excess estrogen, thus, increasing risk of breast cancer.

Thermographic research supports these two sources:

Implications of Phytoestrogen Intake for Breast Cancer by Christine Duffy, MD; Kimberly Perez, MD; and Ann Partridge, MD; CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 2007;57;260-277.


Phytoestrogen Content of Fruits & Vegetables by Gunter G.C. Kuhnle, To view amounts for each phytoestrogen listed refer to study listed above on research page at

For an extended list of phytoestrogen content in fruits, seeds and vegetables:

Weston Price Foundation did four articles on our thermographic research:

Soy Alert - Thermograms Prove Soy is not a Girl's Breast Friend from Wise Traditions

Your Breasts Don't Lie: Soy, Flax and other Estrogenic Foods and Herbs Trigger Precancerous Breasts

Your Breasts Don't Lie: Using Thermography to Monitor the Effect of Soy, Flax, and other Estrogenic Products

Published on Kaayla T. Daniel PhD's blog on October 30, 2014


"Health foods" are making you sick!

AVOID eating these popular strong phytoestrogens   

Flax, flax seeds, flax oil, flax milk, flax crackers, flax cereal, and flax bread

Soy – tofu, soy, edamame, soy cheese, soy meats, soy milk, soy cereals, soy crackers and supplements with added soy, soybeans, tofu, tempeh, textured veggie protein (soy), soy burgers, soy bean sprouts, soy sauce, Miso paste, soy yogurt, soy protein powder

Veggie burgers

Hummus, garbanzo beans, chick peas

Sesame seeds, sesame oil

Multigrain bread, crackers, cereal

Black bean sauce

Supplements and herbs are making you sick! 

Avoid these popular phytoestrogenic women's supplements and herbs

Adaptodrine (contains ginseng, ashwagandha, basil, rhodiola)

Better Woman (ginseng, yam, dong quai, astragalus)

Bio-identical estrogen pellets, patches and creams

Breast Defend formula (contains quercetin, turmeric, curcumin, astragalus)

DHEA - precursor for estrogen

Estrovera (contains rhubarb root)

Estrovite (contains black cohosh, dong quai, red clover and genistein and daidzein from soy)

Essiac Tea (contains burdock root)

Femquil (contains black cohosh, chaste tree, green tea, turmeric, rosemary, resveratrol with DIM Calcium d glucarate)

Femrebalance (contains licorice, chaste tree, rhodiola, wild yam, black cohosh)

Hoxsey Tonix (contains licorice, red clover, burdock root)

Myomin (contains xiang fu)

Natura 901 (contains xiang fu)

PEOs omega (contains flax and primrose)

My Brest Friend (contains fenugreek)

Pure Food Women’s 50 (contains dandelion, milk thistle)

Quercetin or Rutin is a plant flavonol

Solaray Female Hormone blend (contains dong gui and black cohosh)

Wild Yam

Women's Menocaps (contains dong quai, burdock, chaste tree, black cohosh, licorice)

Avoid popular products that start with "Est" or "Meno" or "Phyto" or "Women's" they usually will contain one or more of these ingredients


Aloe ( A. barbadensis Mill., Aloe indica Royle)

Ashwagandha/Indian ginseng, (Withania somnifera)

Asian ginseng  (Panax ginseng, Ren shen )

Astragalus/Huang qi (Astragalus membranaceus)

Bitter Melon seeds (Momordica charantia)

Black cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa, Sheng ma)

Black seed (Nigella sativa)

Burdock root (Arctium lappa)

Chasteberry  (Vitex agnuscastus)

Chinese moss (Huperzia serrrata)

Dandelion/Pu Gong Ying (Taraxacum Mongolicum)

Dong Gui/Dong Quai (Angelica sinensis)

Fennel seeds (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum)

Fo-Ti/Ye Jiao Teng (Polygonum multiflorum)

Heartwood (PterocarpusSoyauxii)

Hemp/CBD  (Cannabis)

Golden root/goldenseal or Siberian rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea)

Hops (Humulus lupulus)

Kudzu root (Pueraria montana)

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia,  L. officinalis)

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra, Gan cao)

North American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, Xi Yang Shen)

Maca (Lepidium meyenii) increases DHEA

Milk thistle (Silybum marianum)

Mistletoe (Viscum album)

Moringa seeds (Moringa oleifera)

Mucuna (Astraptes fulgerator)

Prickly pear/Nopal cactus (Opuntia)

Red clover (Trifolium pretense)

Red pine needle (Pinus resinosa)

Rhubarb (Rheum rhabarbarum)

Saw palemetto (Sabal fructus)

Siberian Rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea)

Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica)

Turmeric (Curcuma longa)   

White Kwao Krua (Pueraria Candollei var. Mirifica)

Xiang fu (Rhizoma cyperi rotundi)

Avoid ingesting or applying to skin these concentrated phytoestrogen essential oils on a daily basis






Clary sage



Evening primrose









Tea Tree


LIMIT these weaker phytoestrogens - eat in moderation

These weaker phytoestrogen foods are acceptable as long as you don't make them a staple. For example, drinking almond milk, eating almond butter and using almond flour several times a week. Instead incorporate them into a balanced diet by eating a handful of raw almonds a couple times a week.


Weak phytoestrogens                

Dried apricots



Alfalfa sprouts

Mung bean and sprouts

Dried dates

Sunflower seeds


Dried prunes

Rye bread

Winter squash


Collard greens

Peanut butter

White bean


Avoid seed cycling!       

Eat a few seeds. Don't use concentered supplements of seeds or do seed cycling. They are estrogenic and large amounts will increase estrogen levels. 

Hemp seeds

Pumpkin seeds 

Sunflower seeds    




Avoid fake milks with plant estrogens and seed oils

Flax milk 

Oat milk

Almond milk

Soy milk 


Avoid natural estrogen blockers or supplements that reduce estrogen

Watch before and after thermograms of patients in this video "Natural Estrogen Blockers are Ineffective:"


These products claim to reduce estrogen, metabolize estrogen in the liver or naturally block estrogen. Years of thermographic evidence have been unable to support these claims; in fact, most popular products contain plant estrogens, which increase risk.  The only proven effective estrogen blockers are pharmaceuticals, such as Tamoxifen.


Avoid these natural estrogen blockers or supplements to reduce risk and/or vascularity (stimulated blood vessels which increases risk).


Calcium d-glucarate – Made from broccoli and cauliflower (though whole natural broccoli and cauliflower are beneficial). Thermographic study showed increased vascularity, resulting in an abnormal  thermogram with only 30 days of use. Study had to cease due to increased risk. Hundreds of thermographic images/case studies support this pilot study, as there is no reduction in vascularity with use of this supplement.


DIMM – Also made from broccoli and cauliflower. Hundreds of thermographic images/case studies support this pilot study, as there is no reduction in vascularity with use of this supplement. See for yourself; watch You Tube Video of breast cancer survivors use of DIMM “Estrogen Blockers are Ineffective.”


Myomin – A Chinese herbal formula that contains Xiang Fu, which is a plant estrogen and increases vascualrity and risk. Plant estrogens are weak as compared to synthetic estrogens, but are bio-identical and stimulate estrogen receptors increasing hormonal imbalance of excess estrogen, thus, increasing risk of breast cancer.


Angio-Stop – Thermographic study showed “no reduction in vascularity.” Further study is needed.


Avoid Ecoestrogens


Only use organic or petrochemical-free products on the skin and in the house. “Natural” is not healthy, it can still contain petrochemicals and phystoestrogens. Don’t be seduced by the word “natural.”


The following products and practices should be avoided by everyone, but especially by pregnant women, babies and developing children:


BPA-free plastics which are more hazardous and contain BSA.

Hand sanitizer and wipes

All anti-bacterial products

Non-organic scented products, including perfumes and air fresheners. They readily reach the brain and lungs

Non-organic fabric softener and laundry detergent

Non-organic cosmetics

Non-organic skincare products (moisturizer, cleanser, serums, sunscreens)

Non-organic hair care (shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, gels, waxes, mousse)

Non-organic bath and body products (soap, bath wash, lotion)

Pesticides (gardens, lawns, produce)

Pesticide bombings for homes

Out gassing of new clothes, paint, carpet, furniture and fiberboard

Spermicidal gels and condoms

Non-organic food

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in food

Pasteurized and homogenized dairy products, milk and cheese

Vitamins, supplements, especially multi-vitamins or prenatal vitamins

Hot liquids placed in plastic or Styrofoam cups

Teflon pots, pans and grills

Canned foods, including baby formula

Foods frozen in plastic containers

Bottled water, tap water, reverse osmosis and most filtration systems. Look for an alkaline system that does not use an additive (water becomes acidic after 2 days with additive), does not use electricity, special filter that specifically removes chlorine, fluorine and medical waste.


The skin is the largest organ—everything placed, rubbed and buffed into it is absorbed and delivered directly into the bloodstream. Why eat organic and then place poisonous products on the skin? Save yourself and your family’s health; only use organic and petrochemical-free body and household products.

For more detailed information read books including, The Breast Thermography Revolution - Boot Camp for an Estrogen Free Life., blogs or






Treatment suggestions Please consult with a physician who is educated in Estrogen-Free treatment protocols to monitor your treatment.




Reduce risk by balancing hormones. Apply compounded progesterone cream directly to the breasts daily. Progesterone receptors are found in the breasts. Do not waste money applying progesterone anywhere else, as application elsewhere results in it dissipating as it is not local. There are no progesterone receptors in the arms, thighs or abdomen.


For progesterone deficiency apply progesterone cream daily. Reduction of progesterone cream is determined by the reduction in progesterone deficiency (hormone balance) and vascularity (stimulated blood vessels which increases risk) detected in repeat thermograms.


Every woman has different size breasts so every woman has a customized application amount. To determine your amount – Take some progesterone cream on your fingertips, start on the upper aspect of your breast (above your nipple) and from the sternum to the lateral aspect rub in progesterone cream. One swipe is from your sternum to the lateral aspect back to sternum. The correct amount is 20 swipes. If cream goes dry before 20 swipes you need more, if there is excess after 20 you need less. Repeat with the other breast.


Do not use wild yam or “natural” progesterone as they may contain estrogenic factors. Only use a compounded progesterone cream which is fat soluble and will accumulate in the breasts to reduce hormone imbalance and vascularity.


Most over-the-counter creams contain estrogen. Our thermographic evidence shows the only effective over the counter progesterone cream is Emeritta's Pro-gest. Avoid Emeritta's creams made with phytoestrogens - lavender and black cohosh. A compounded progesterone cream from a compounded pharmacy is highly recommended. However, avoid "natural base" compounded progesterone creams from these pharmacies; our thermographic evidence is proving these bases have estrogenic properties. 


Do not use sublingual, gel or pill forms of progesterone as they are not local and will dissipate in the circulatory or digestive system. These forms will not reduce vascularity in the breasts.


Progesterone does not cause breast cancer. When a woman is tested for breast cancer, one of the tests they run is a receptor test called immunohistochemistry. They test to see if the breast cancer is affected by hormone:

1. Estrogen receptor positive.

2. Progesterone receptor positive.

3. Hormone negative (meaning that the cancer has no hormone receptors).


Around 80 percent of breast cancers are estrogen receptor positive. Twenty to around 40 percent of breast cancers that are estrogen receptor positive are also progesterone receptor positive.


Now, here’s where it gets a little confusing:  Estrogen receptor positive cancers may be progesterone receptor positive, 20-40 percent of the time. There is no breast cancer that is estrogen receptor negative with a progesterone receptor positive result. What this means is that if a cancer is progesterone receptor positive, it is also estrogen receptor positive, and therefore, progesterone by itself cannot cause cancer, this only occurs in conjunction with estrogen.


Testosterone therapy



Testosterone can be used in menopausal women to treat night sweats, hot flashes, low energy and low libido with great success. Apply cream to clitoris. There are no testosterone receptors in your legs, abdomen or arms and testosterone will dissipate in the circulatory system before it reaches its receptors. Apply directly where it is needed. You will know it is working because you will feel it. Every woman requires a different amount and no test out there will tell you how much to apply. Listen to your body and you will figure it out - some women require application daily, others once a week. 


Testosterone cannot convert into estrogen; this is evident as transgender women are given large amounts of testosterone to shrink their breasts. Just as estrogen counters testosterone in prostate cancer, testosterone will counter estrogen in the breasts. Dr. Hobbins treated breast cancer and shrunk tumors with high levels of testosterone.



Vitamin D


Our bodies have a very difficult time absorbing vitamin D supplements correctly because it is insoluble, the result is often the creation of toxicity in our body (read Chapter 8 "Supplements: The Enemy You Thought Was Your Ally). Therefore, it is not advisable to take vitamin D supplements. The only proper way to obtain vitamin D is to make it, and that means getting sun PLUS eating a balanced diet. Have to do both to get vitamin D! Foods high in vitamin D (from highest to lowest amount) are fish, oysters, ham and eggs.


If your vitamin D levels are too low use a supplement briefly to get your numbers up, while fixing your diet by increasing foods high in vitamin D and bathing in the sun when you can. For those of you in rainy, cold regions, it is much harder. Only use supplements in the winter months and get outside in the summer.


To stimulate vitamin D production naturally, eat vitamin D foods then sit in the sun for 15-20 minutes a day, exposing most of your body.  


Proper sleep and relaxation


Another secret to a healthy life is sleep. Most people need 7-10 hours—if you are not getting enough, attempt to make time for it in your busy life, relax. How can you be healthy if you don’t take care of yourself? Schedule “me time” at least once a week, more if possible. Naps are wonderful if you are able to accomplish this luxury.


Moderate exercise


Excessive exercise, including cardio for more than 20 minutes straight, may be too taxing for the adrenals. To maintain proper weight, one should only work out for about 20 to 30 minutes a day. Many women who do excessive cardio can’t drop those last few pounds because the body doesn’t know they are trying to shed weight, it thinks it is overworked and holds onto the weight.




Bras can compress the breasts and reduce vital circulation in the chest region. Take your bra off as soon as you get home and do NOT sleep in your bra.




Massage cannot reduce vascularity (stimulated blood vessels which increases risk) in the breasts! However, massage is extremely beneficial to the breasts. Breast massage can aid lymph drainage, reduce cysts and promote circulation. Castor oil can reduce stagnation/cysts and "soften" the breasts when applied directly with a heat pack. 


Avoid cleanses


Liver, colon and kidney cleanses do not decrease vascularity in the breasts. There is a belief that detoxifying the liver, colon and kidney will optimize body function. First, most toxins are stored in the fat cells, so cleanses that are specialized for the above organs will not decrease this specific accumulation. Second, the toxins that are most concerning and potentially dangerous to the body are commercial grade petrochemicals from daily household products and foods that will take years to dispel from the body—most supplements are too basic to remove them.


Avoid vitamins and supplements


If you are “healthy” avoid supplements and vitamins, eat your medicine. For more information read Chapter 8 "Supplements: The Enemy You Thought Was Your Ally.” 


A five-year study involving 30,000 women taking a multivitamin increased their risk for breast cancer by 19 percent.


Multivitamin Use and Breast Cancer Incidence in a Prospective Cohort of Swedish Women. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (2010).


This is because some supplements are acid and some are alkali; some are oil-based and some are aqueous (water soluble). This means that they do not mix well when they are purified and then added back together. Multiple vitamins inactivate each other, making salts of each other and blocking absorption. Be sure to avoid prenatal supplements as well.


 Many studies show that vitamins and supplements have virtually no effect and/or are increasing disease, including cancers. The American Cancer Society lists vitamins and supplements under risk factors. They state that, “Factors with uncertain, controversial or unproven effect on breast cancer risk,” stating “So far, no study has shown that taking vitamins reduces breast cancer risk.”         


Women truly believe supplementation and vitamins are nutrition, when actually, supplements are the equivalent of fast food. The ingredients are cheap chemicals that increase the risk of contaminants and toxins entering the body in high daily dosages. This includes “whole food” or plant food supplements and the new “medical foods”; the preservatives that give them a shelf life are toxic to the body. With all the supplements in use, why aren’t Americans healthier? Why do most cancer rates, not just breast cancer, continue to rise in America? Why is America not leading the world in healthy individuals?            


If you are treating a health concern spread your vitamins or supplements usage throughout the day so they do not inactivate each other.


La Vita Compounding Pharmacy reports that “A recent investigation by the FDA found that major retailers were selling fraudulent and potentially dangerous herbal supplements and that four out of the five product s did not contain any of the herbs listed on their labels. The tests showed that pills labeled medicinal herbs often contained little more than cheap fillers like powered rice and household plants, and even substances that could be dangerous to those with allergies.”  If you are using supplements for a health concern be sure to get them from a reliable source and not the local vitamin store. Have fun!


Life is meant to be enjoyed!

Being happy is healthy!


For more detailed information read our books including, The Breast Thermography Revolution - Boot Camp for an Estrogen Free Life., blogs or

Being healthy is eating a balanced diet



Breast cancer can grow from sugar, and 80% of breast cancers increase in size from estrogen. Welcome to the Estrogen Free® Diet.

In Chinese medicine, health is found in balance. A balance of emotions and food. When the emotions or food is restrictive, then the body will become out of balance. Food is viewed as medicine with healing properties. Therefore, eating from ALL the food groups is vital for optimum health. Enjoy all the food groups, some in moderation. The ONLY thing being removed in this diet is the hormone - estrogen.


Also, according to Chinese medicine, eat when hungry and drink when thirsty. Don’t be strict with your diet; it will cause your emotions to become rigid as well.

Life is meant to be enjoyed. These are suggestions to reduce your exposure to the hormone estrogen, most of the time. If you need a cheat day, take it. Life is about balance, some days you eat healthy, some days you eat cupcakes! Happiness is healthy.


Only eat organic to reduce exposure to petro-chemicals, pesticides, GMOs and hormones. Estrogen is the hormone added to fatten up livestock, and it fattens YOU.


Breast Cancer Boot Camp's Estrogen Free® Diet Cheat Sheet

For optimum health - eat a balanced diet! 

Eggs are a perfect food, especially the yolk, which contains healthy cholesterol a precursor to make our natural hormones. Avoid eggs and chickens fed flax, soy and corn. Avoid eggs with “omega 3” on the carton; the source is usually flax.

Nutrient dense organic meat, grass-fed beef, lamb, wild game, venison and fowl. Also, grass fed beef bone broth.

Eat lots of organic vegetables and fruits, preferably from the framers’ market. Eat a rainbow or a large variety of colors for optimum health..

Raw and organic dairy products. Real dairy does NOT contain estrogen because cows don’t produce estrogen when they are nursing. Enjoy this nutrient dense food if you can.  


Organic butter or Kerry's Gold butter. Cook with butter another healthy cholesterol. Olive oil becomes rancid when heated. Stick with butter.


Worried about adrenal exhaustion? Salt revives the adrenals. Normal table salt with iodine is beneficial for the adrenals and does not cause hypertension (this medical rumor is explained in depth in book). Sea salt may contain micro-plastics.

Worried about methylation? Egg yolks, meat, liver, and oily fish are the main dietary sources of vitamin B12, which is required for proper methylation.

Worried about inflammation? Eat blueberries, wild salmon (EPA-omega 3), eggs, bone broth, coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, peppers, ginger, beets, broccoli, raw honey and dark chocolate.

Want healthy organs? Ancestral diets have always included organ meats to deter deterioration of the organs. Detoxing does not address deterioration of the organs. Therefore, eat the organs, which are the most nutrient dense food available. Want optimum methylation? Eat the liver for a healthy liver. Eat liver or pate once a week. If you don’t like pate, there are organic organ pills now available.

Vegetables don't contain Vitamin A, D3 or DHA.

Most people are surprised to learn vegetables don’t contain vitamin A, just the precursor. Liver has the highest source of vitamin A. Three ounces of organic beef liver equals 4.5 pounds of carrots. Vitamin A is vital for cell growth, the immune system, vision and necessary for the assimilation of minerals. DHA is a requirement for brain health, especially before the age of two. Cod liver oil is the highest, then egg yolks and fish. ALA  is not an acceptable form of DHA, as it is not bioavailable and algae DHA levels are too low. Also, mushrooms are the only plant source of vitamin D and to receive the daily required amount is 1 cup. However, mushrooms produce vitamin D2, whereas animals produce vitamin D3. Though vitamin D2 helps raise blood levels of vitamin D, it may not be as effective as vitamin D3.

Avoid sugar, limit grains, and carbohydrates (form of sugar). When not utilized by the body, they cause inflammation. Inflammation creates insulin resistance (diabetes), heart disease (nope, it's not from cholesterol) and cancer. Think about what carbohydrates or grains such as pasta, oatmeal, bread, and rice look like when cooked—soggy. That is what they do in your gut—they create a swamp that stops the absorption of vitamins and minerals.


Eat clean whole foods that move effortlessly through the intestines. Grains, even organic, are carbohydrates that turn into sugar, and remember, cancer feeds off sugar.


Grains are hard on the intestines. The lectins in grains are mildly toxic, inflammatory, resistant to digestive enzymes and they have the ability to sneak out of the intestines. They have actually been found in the organs. Phytates in grains block the absorption of minerals. Don't worry! All the same nutrients in grains are found in meat, veggies, fruits and nuts and are more bio-available (easily absorbed into the system) than those found in grain. Many people are sensitive to gluten; this is just another sign that the public doesn't need grains. They keep people sick, fat and at risk for many diseases. 

In summary:

Eat REAL food. Farm to table. Eat eggs, meat, veggies, fruit, nuts, dairy and limit or save for cheat days sugar, carbs, grains and beans. Avoid fake foods – fake meat, fancy fake milk, fake cheese and processed foods, which is anything in a can, box or bag, including organic.

Eat lots of nutrient dense eggs from pasture raised chickens.

Eat lots of colorful vegetables and fruits.

Eat high quality nutrient dense grass feed beef, lamb and wild game.

Eat pasture raised chicken with no flax or soy in feed.

Eat nuts.

Cook with butter.

Eat real or raw dairy products, if you are able.

Drink high quality nutrient dense grass fed bone broth with a meal. Chicken may contain estrogen.

More tips on estrogen, fake or processed foods to avoid:

Only drink organic wine. Grapes are sprayed with pesticides. Wine is made by reducing large amounts of grapes to achieve a single glass of wine. That means the pesticides are concentrated into high levels.Drink more organic white wines and champagne. Resveratrol, found in red wine, is an estrogen.


Limit beer. Grains make you fat due to carbohydrates AKA sugar and formaldehyde is used in the bottling process. Hops is an estrogen.


Avoid non-organic coffee. Coffee is one of the most highly sprayed crops. Dr. Hobbins and I have not found coffee to increase vascularity (stimulated blood vessels which increases risk), so enjoy. Want a sweeter cup? Add REAL organic sugar and raw milk. Avoid sugar substitutes are carcinogenic!


Limit legumes, peanuts, lentils and —they are naturally found to be toxic. Try alternatives to peanut butter, like raw almond butter. 


Avoid smoked nuts due to rancidity.


Avoid polyunsaturated oils including sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, peanut and canola oil. These oils have low temperature stability and therefore easily become rancid and toxic to the body by introducing free radicals. Avoid sesame due to phytoestrogen content.


Only use centrifuge organic coconut oil, all other coconut oil is processed.


Avoid cooking with olive oil. Heating olive oil makes it rancid. Only consume olive oil if it is “first cold press.”


Avoid soy milk. Soy is naturally toxic and loaded with phytoestrogens.

Avoid almond milk. The processing yields a rancid product that can increase free radicals and therefore increase the risk of cancer. 

Avoid rice milk. It is high in sugar, or carbohydrates.

Avoid juices. They are high in carbohydrates or sugar.

Avoid synthetic sugar products. There is more and more evidence indicating that these substances are highly carcinogenic, meaning they cause cancer and many more issues, including weight gain! If you have to use sugar, use organic raw-sugar or honey—something real. 


Did you know most water systems are unable to remove medical waste? You are drinking your neighbors Lipitor and Prozac, but more importantly their birth control pills and hormone replacement therapies. Drink Estrogen Free water! A filtration system MUST have a membrane that is 1/10,000 of a micron to eliminate medical waste, and neurotoxins fluoride and chlorine. The only companies that we know have this specialized membrane are: and


For more detailed information read our books including, The Breast Thermography Revolution - Boot Camp for an Estrogen Free Life., blogs or

dramatically reduce risk TODAY

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